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Understanding consumer signals is in our DNA.

Our proprietary technology constructs identities of customers with a higher propensity to purchase using advanced queries based on billions of "edges" of consumer digital and real-world behaviors. 
With every connection of a new brand, loyalty network, affiliate, etc. the engine gets smarter.

Connect ContextLink and unleash the context engine.

Omni-channel ingestion.

Tie all of your transaction, loyalty & reward, DRTV, coupon, POS data, and so much more back to real people. Resolve identity across first-, second-, or third-party digital and offline data silos.

Connect to existing platforms.

Activate your consumer data by connecting ContextLink to your existing CDP, MarTech, AdTech, and CRM.

Execute personalization.

Connect ContextLink to your rewards, loyalty, CRM, or MarTech stack to activate individual personalization

There's a ContextLink for you.

ContextLink for Brands 

ContextLink for Rewards 

ContextLink for CDP/Platform 

ContextLink for Agencies 

ContextLink for Loyalty 

ContextLink for Data 

Making personalization relevant.

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