Better personalization. Better results. More customers.

Key Benefits.

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Omni-channel ingestion.

Tie all of your transaction, loyalty & reward, DRTV, coupon, POS data, and so much more back to real people. Resolve identity across first-, second-, or third-party digital and offline data silos.
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Connect to existing platforms.

Activate your consumer data by connecting ContextLink to your existing CDP, MarTech, AdTech, CRM.
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Execute personalization.

Connect ContextLink to your rewards, loyalty, CRM, or MarTech stack to activate individual personalization

Unlock the power of personalization.

We take your data at the consumer level and give it context so you can reach customers and prospects at the point of sale.

"With ContextLink we are able to personalize better than we have in the past..." 

Rebecca Lawler, VP of Loyalty

10 MM

Records sent into ContextLink and 4 personalized segments came out.

"We were able to integrate our existing CDP technology with ContextLink and perform better segmentation at the Point of Sale."             

Joe Baldwin, VP of Mar. Rewards


Data sources, platforms, ETL processes, and workflows in i2's platform.

"We could finally remove ourselves from the traditional behavioral analysis in loyalty with ContextLink's relational process."         

Jil Lemon, Dr. of Digital Strategy


ContextLinks analyzes millions of data points in seconds instead of hours, days or weeks.

ContextLink: a platform to fit your needs.


Increase return on customer spend and build stronger relationships through deterministic, inference-driven marketing and sales.

Reward Programs

Increase reward usage by connecting ContextLink to your reward programs. Deliver personalized rewards and offers that will be used and increase the life-time value of customers. 


Increase brand sales and strengthen customer relationships by connecting ContextLink to your existing CDP's and other AdTech, CRM and MarTech stacks


Improve campaign results and strengthen consultative relationships with brands by employing deterministic, inference-driven marketing for clients.

Loyalty Programs

Increase loyalists by connecting ContextLink to your existing programs and apps to drive more fidelity across those programs.

Data Owners

Increase sales by packaging derivative data for use as part of deterministic, inference-driven marketing initiatives.

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