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ContextLink: how it works.

ContextLink™ makes relational context resolution possible at the consumer level so you can personalize to people—not general segments—in every channel.

ContextLink: the relational context resolution process

Optimize customer journeys

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Gain as much insight as possible from customer data as efficiently as possible and give brands the ability to uncover the customer journeys that they were missing through graph analysis.

Understand your Customer's Timing

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Once you uncover the possibilities with customer data, add in time-series (events and timing tracking). Understand the timing of customer events to personalize content at the point of impact and reduce guesswork.

ContextLink: the context resolution process

Building an omni-channel view

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Upload your first-, second-, and third-party data to Contextlink where we truncate the PII using ID Resolution and our context technology to resolve all data and give relational context back to you.

Onboarding for data activation

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Once we connect all first-, second-, third-party, and contextual data, it’s time to onboard the segments to activate on existing loyalty, rewards, platform stacks, and so much more. With ContextLink™, data has relational context and is usable on every channel.

ContextLink™ features: making relational context resolution & delivery seamless

Connect to ContextLink

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Technology is only as valuable as your ability to use it. The ContextLink™ dashboard, i2 Connect, includes intuitive controls that make it easy to upload, manage, customize, and distribute data segments.

Context graph for the whole ecosystem

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i2's relational context resolution services are built upon our industry-leading identity and context graph. Our graph uses logged traffic from top brands and publishers to connect offline and online identifiers. ContextLinkTM customers leverage our graph to build advanced inference-based marketing, sales and customer retention programs and solutions.

Analyze data with ease

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The relational context engine makes it easy to analyze customer data and understand the "edged" factors of what you might not have seen. Giving brands the ability to be more effective in their marketing, sales and customer retention.

Worry-free privacy compliance

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i2 operates in a security and privacy environment, ensuring that all of your consumer data is kept private and secure. Rest easy with i2 knowing that your data is in the best hands.

Get started with ContextLink

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