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Get to know ContextLink™

ContextLink's relational context engine brings together the known and unknown to drive the most accurate Micro-Segment for Revenue Assurance

Context engine process

Advanced queries

ContextLink context engine gives clients the ability to perform queries against very large data sets to identify customers with higher propensity and create personalization at the point of purchase.
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Inference engine

ContextLink gives clients the ability to build their own library of offers and surveys. Which are then stored in a library where an inference engine determines which offers goes to what customer. The platform then tracks the time series and events to drive results of those offers and surveys. 
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Creating a context graph for inference-driven marketing



What I want to buy now.
For example: new home, luxury SUV, running shoes
My observed age, gender, ethnicity, and income.
For example: woman, age 35-44, with kids


Things I enjoy throughout my life.
For example: green living, outdoor sports, cooking




My products and categories I prefer.
For example: Revlon, IKEA, Petco


Stores I like and frequent.
For example: Harris Teeter, On the Border, Nordstrom
How likely I am to redeem a coupon for a category or product.
For example: beauty, baby care, pet products

Support or execute consumer centric personalization

Focus on what matters - Your Customers.

Build personalization that drives more transactions and further engagement.

By leveraging ContextLink, clients are able to gain access to billions of "edges" to perform advanced queries and construct identities around customers with higher fidelity. With every connection of a new brand, loyalty network, affiliate, etc. the graphing engine only gets smarter.


And now, customers of the “connected parties,” can receive personalization at the Point of Sale, to drive products, offers, surveys, and messaging relevant to them.


ContextLink’s environment is physically and logically segregated for different data types and processing keys. PII and non-PII identifiers are stored separately, and each client has a dedicated directory for only their data. We work hard to remain GDPR, CCPA and Privacy Shield compliant.

A standard for privacy and security


There is a ContextLink just for you.


Increase return on customer spend and build stronger relationships through deterministic, inference-driven marketing and sales.

Reward Programs

Increase reward usage by connecting ContextLink to your reward programs and deliver personalized rewards programs. Deliver personalized rewards and offers that will be used and increase the life-time value of customers. 


Increase brand sales and strengthen customer relationships by connecting ContextLink to your existing CDP's and other AdTech, CRM and MarTech stacks


Improve campaign results and strengthen consultative relationships with brands by employing deterministic, inference-driven marketing for clients.

Loyalty Programs

Increase loyalists by connecting ContextLink to your existing programs and apps to drive more fidelity across those programs.

Data Owners

Increase sales by packaging derivative data for use as part of deterministic, inference-driven marketing initiatives.

Get started with ContextLink™

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