Power your platform with i2's PII data resolution technology

Resolving the data in your platform enables further relational context.

Data platforms need a reliable way to recognize, resolve and anonymize PII data from any source. i2's ID Resolution is an offline and online PII resolution technology which gives platforms and marketers the ability to connect and update what they know about consumers, resolve PII data across enterprise databases and systems, and deliver a better customer experience.

ID Resolution uses multiple approaches to resolve consumer data

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i2's Consumer ID allows you to resolve PII-based data to the most accurate individual per record, improving your targeting accuracy at the personal level.
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i2's Address ID lets you resolve all platform data records by the latest postal addresses they are associated with.
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i2's ID goes beyond addresses and surnames, using patented algorithms and an expansive knowledge base to recognize consumers who live and move together.

How it works.

Step One

Link PII-based data or your existing CDP, Data Source, etc. to our graph through the i2's API. i2's linking technology helps hurdle the traditional matching roadblocks by overcoming conventional issues of name and address processing.

Step Two

i2's sophisticated context engine AI algorithms and patented context resolution process allow us to resolve identities and assign each representation the same identifying link.

Step Three

This link is made available to all PII touchpoints from any source. Now, no matter the point of contact or the point of information, your platform can offer the single most accurate view of the customer.

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