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Connect with partners to make it easy to integrate.

At i2 we understand you already have existing platforms in place: databases, data sources, customer data platforms, affiliates, loyalty networks, apps, to name a few. You should not have to pick up another platform and complicate the already complicated ecosystem. 
With ContextLink we can directly connect with your existing platforms and, if they are not on the list, we can add the integration through our API configurations.

Partnerships grow your business needs.

Connected ETL

ContextLink has over 100+ data ingestion platforms connected to the context engine. With workflows built in to ensure proper denormalization, organization and anonymized PII, all of it works seamlessly in a centralized location.
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Data Partners

Connecting 250+ data partners we are able to pull in 2nd and 3rd party data sources to enrich your existing 1st party data (customer data).

Existing Apps

ContextLink has the ability to connect to your existing loyalty and/or rewards application to build more effective personalized-marketing messages, surveys, offers, and so much more.

Affiliates and loyalty programs

Whether you work with 2nd party affiliates or 3rd party loyalty program, we provide connections so you and your partners can maximize your loyalty and reward programs.

Customer Data Platforms

If you have recently integrated a new Customer Data Platform and are wondering how you can improve your personalized-marketing efforts, we can connect via API and start the process.

ContextLink: a platform to fit your needs.


Increase return on customer spend and build stronger relationships through deterministic, personalization-driven marketing and sales.

Reward Programs

Increase reward usage by connecting ContextLink to your reward programs. Deliver personalized rewards and offers that will be used and increase the life-time value of customers. 


Increase brand sales and strengthen customer relationships by connecting ContextLink to your existing CDP's and other AdTech, CRM and MarTech stacks


Improve campaign results and strengthen consultative relationships with brands by employing deterministic, personalization-driven marketing for clients.

Loyalty Programs

Increase loyalists by connecting ContextLink to your existing programs and apps to drive more fidelity across those programs.

Data Owners

Increase sales by packaging derivative data for use as part of deterministic, personalization-driven marketing initiatives.

Get started with ContextLink™

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